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Personal Library cards

Are you an avid reader? I'm betting you have a decent little library of books going in your house. Like most people who enjoy reading, you lend your favorites out to friends, but they don't always make it back to your collection.

I'm hoping I can help you organize that book collection and keep tabs on who is reading what! Let's turn your book collection into your own personal library with check out cards like in the old days.

I know print and cut can sometimes be a struggle so I've dedicated the month of December to this feature in Silhouette Studio. This is installment number 2 of the print and cut mini series. Not only are we going to make some useful cards and sleeves, but we are going to talk about manual registration marks too. Check out the video below for some tips and tricks with registration marks.

More info about this SVG file coming soon...

Happy Silhouetting!

With Love,

Crafty Christie

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