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Turning Dies into Cutting Files

Are you looking for a way to get more use out of your mental dies? This post is for you!

When I make cards I usually make them in small batches of 3-5. When I decided to make card kits, I did not want to spend forever running each die cut through my cuttle bug. So, I came up with a faster option and I know you will like this too!


Birch Tree Die Cuts

Deer Trio Die Cuts

Recollections Nostalgia Cardstock pack

Silhouette Cutting Machine

Step 1) make one die cut like normal of desired image(s). I’ll be making these birch trees.

Step 2) take a clear photo of your cardstock die cut image. Make sure you lay your cardstock on a contrasting background that will make the die cut stand out. Save the image to your computer.

Step 3) Click the open tab in Silhouette and navigate to the new photo to open it.

Step 4) trace image using trace tool. Adjust settings for as clear a trace as possible and hit trace.

Step 5) clean up trace by getting rid of extra marks and anchor points.

Step 6) prepare for cutting. At this point you can delete the photo and save your file. You can also duplicate your image to cut multiples at once!

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this video to walk you through the process 👇

With Love,

Crafty Christie


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