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How to Use The Foil Quill in Silhouette Studio

One of the fun new craft tools I got for Christmas was the foil quill. I’ve been wanting one for a while and finally decided it was time to splurge.
At my day job, we are attempting to find new creative ways to show appreciation for our fellow colleagues. One group that we are really trying to show some love are the folks that are training nurses who are new to the ICU. It takes a lot of extra time and brainpower to instill your knowledge in others.
In an effort to celebrate our trainers, I made a thank you banner and also a cardstock scrub top with their names on them. I figured this was the perfect project to test out the foil quill.


Washie Tape

Step 1: Writing the Names

Upload the SVG file into the software. Duplicate the scrub top multiple times for each person. Grab the text tool and type out each name in the font of your choosing. Weld the letters together and make each name its own compound path.

Step 2: Add an offset

With the name selected, open the offset panel. Click the internal offset and type in 0.030 inches into the distance. Make the corners rounded and then hit apply. With that layer still selected go back to the internal offset and make another layer of the same distance. Continue adding internal offsets until the word is completely filled in. Select all the offsets and the original word and make this a compound path. Do this for each name.

Step 3: Cut it out

With your page full of scrub tops with names on them, go to the send panel and choose to cut by line color. From this point do not make any more changes to your designs. Select the blue layer which is the cut layer and set it up for cutting. Cut out the scrub top design and remove the extra from the mat.

Step 4: Foil

Add foil to each design covering the area that needs foil. Use washi tape to secure the foil to the mat. Make sure it is pulled taught over the cardstock and will not wrinkle. Have the foil pen plugged in and heated up while you apply the foil. The pen needs 5 minutes to heat up before using.
Go back to the send panel and now select the line colors that coordinate with the names and the pockets. Adjust the action on these to sketch. Use the foil quill to sketch these lines and make it look like a solid foil fill for the names.

Step 5: Reveal the Finished Project

The foiling is done, remove the mat from the machine and carefully peel away the foil and washi tape. Go slow to not rip the cardstock.
I had so much fun making these, and I love how crisp and professional they look.
Check out the video below for all the details.
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