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How to Use the Offset Tool in Silhouette Studio

Silhouette Studio is great for creating your own designs. There are so many functions and tools to help you accomplish the look you want. One of my favorite tools is the Offset Tool. This tool can add extra layers to the outside or inside of your design or word. There are so many uses for this tool, it is time to become an expert with the offset function.
To find the offset tool in Silhouette Studio, navigate down the right-side panel to the double star icon. Click on this icon to open the offset panel.
You have the option here to make an offset, which goes around the outside of your design/text, or an internal offset that goes on the inside of your design/text.
Let’s start by getting acquainted with the offset. Select the design/text you want to use and then click offset. For this example, I’m using the word “Hello.” I’ve already welded the text and made the word a compound path. When the offset is selected the distance and corner options will light up. You have the option to type in the distance or use the arrow keys to select the distance you want. Once everything is to your liking, hit apply. This will add the offset to your design/text.
Why would you want to do this to your text? If you’re working with a really thin text and don’t have the option for bold, you can add an offset to thicken up the font. This technique is also used to add a shadow to your text to make it stand out. This works really well when making cards with busy backgrounds or adding words to a tie-dye shirt.
Now let’s chat about the internal offset. This is used if you want to make a thin outline of your text. Like in the example below.
Internal offsets are also used to fill in thick text/designs that you want to be filled in with a sketch pen or foil quill. Both of these items use a pointed tip to draw on the red line. If a design/text is filled in with lots of these red lines the finished product will look fully sketched or foiled.
Here is how to go about making internal offsets. With your word or text selected, click on the internal offset button. Set the offset to the spacing you want and then click apply. This will add another set of red lines to the inside of the original shape.
I like using the 0.030 inches for my internal offset. This keeps the lines very close together. With that internal offset still selected, click the internal offset button again and add another internal offset. Keep doing this until your design is filled and no gaps are found between offsets.
Do you see why I love the offset panel so much! This tool can really help me step up my design game with a few clicks of the mouse. What are you going to make with the offset tool?
Check out the video below for the full details of using the offset to give this hello word 2 very different looks.
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