All my designs are my own creations. I take pride in knowing I create original cut file designs.

Due to the nature of digital products, I do not accept returns or exchanges. If you are having an issue with the file, I will happily troubleshoot and fix any problems on my end.

All 3D designs and cards come with cutting and brief assembly instructions in the actual cut file. A link to the assembly blog post is also included.

My designs can be used with many mediums and applied to many different items. It is the responsibility of the customer to research trademarks prior to using my designs on products. Crafty Christie’s Creations, LLC. is not responsible for any trademark infringements caused by using my designs.

All my designs come with personal and commercial use. When you purchase a design from Crafty Christie’s Creations you are agreeing to abide by these terms of use. The purchaser is allowed an unlimited amount of use of my design to make physical products (like mugs, clothing, cards, etc) that are given away or sold. 

Design files purchased from Crafty Christie’s Creations may NOT:

  • Be distributed for free or resold digitally as your own. (You can however take elements of my designs to create your own unique creation. In order to be considered your creation, the finished product must contain 75% of your own work added to my design elements. Your new unique creation can then be given away or sold as a physical or digital product.
  • Be used with print on demand shops or companies.

If you have any questions about how you can use my designs please contact me. [email protected]

Designs are © Crafty Christie’s Creations, LLC. All Rights are Reserved.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t have an SVG file I only have a photo that opens in a web browser
When you do not have your cutting program saved as your default to open SVG files, they will open as a photo on an internet browser page. This does not mean it is not an SVG. Open your cutting software then navigate to where you saved the file and open it. Now it should be ready to cut in your software. Click here to learn how to make your cutting software the default program to open SVG files.

How do I upload my SVG file to the Cricut Design Space App on my iPhone?
Using an iPhone, save the file to your iCloud files. Navigate to your Files app > ICloud files > Downloads and unzip the file if needed. Now in the Cricut app > New Project > Upload > Browse Files > and click on the file you want. The SVG file will have 2 blue boxes as the picture. Name the file and click Save. Now you’ll be taken to your library where you can select the file again and insert it onto the canvas.

My SVG Card / Papercraft won’t work in Cricut Design Space
You’ll need to ungroup the design and change the white and /or blue scorelines, as instructed in the file, from cut to score. Then attach them to the corresponding shape. Now when you click “Make it” the score lines will score and the cut lines will cut on the correct material.

Updated March 14, 2024