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Digital Patterns

Digital is the new best thing right! Digital downloads, digital papers, digital stamps, digital patterns. Now all your crafting can be digitized!

Since I made some FREE digital papers for the August 2021 Craft Challenge, I thought I should show you yet another way to put those digital papers to good use.

That comes in the form of patterns. Under the fill panel in Silhouette Studio, you have options to choose a fill color, gradient, or pattern. These are all super neat effects that can be added to any shape or text.

Silhouette is nice enough to stock us with some default patterns, but did you know you can also add your own? Any digital pattern or paper that you download can be added to this collection.

Here is how to do it in version 4.4.259

  1. Open the Silhouette Library and navigate to the patterns folder.

  2. In a separate window, navigate to your digital paper/pattern files. You'll want to use the JPEG version for this trick.

  3. Drag and drop the JPEG images into the patterns folder in Silhouette Studio. Wait for the files to completely sync into the library.

  4. Select your text or shape and open the fill panel. Choose the pattern and it will be applied.

  5. Use the scale and pan pattern buttons to customize the pattern to fit the shape or text.

Check out the video below for the visual

Happy Digital Crafting!

With Love,

Crafty Christie

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