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Master Group, Weld and Compound Path in Silhouette Studio

Welcome to the wonderful world of crafting in Silhouette Studio! In today's post, we are going to go over some of the basic elements needed for designing.

The 3 big designing concepts that must be mastered are grouping, welding, and making compound paths. If you are anything like me when I started, I really struggled with these heavy hitters.

Mainly I could not figure out the differences between them all and when to use them. I poured over the help manual and just didn't get anywhere.

Well, I'm hoping to save you a lot of turmoil by putting these concepts into simple and easy terms so you can walk away feeling confident and ready to start designing!

I'm using the Hustle 24/7 SVG design to show you the difference between the different functions.

Group- these objects are paperclipped or rubberbanded together

Weld-mostly used with words to make one continuous word, think about cursive writing. Merging letters together.

Compound Path-making a cut out of one shape from another shape

If you're interested in learning more of the keyboard shortcuts I'm using check out

Happy Silhouetting!

With Love,

Crafty Christie

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