saying goodbye to 5 craft items in 2024

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5 Craft Items Leaving the Craft Room in 2024

Today I’m doing something I never thought I would—getting rid of some craft supplies! Can you even believe it? As I’m relocating my craft room, I figured this is the perfect opportunity to go through everything I have and downsize. I know it sounds scary, especially for a multi-passionate crafter like me. But since I got my Silhouette, there are some things I just don’t use anymore. So, here are five craft items (plus a couple of bonus craft items) that I’m saying goodbye to in 2024. Let’s dive in!

Craft Item #1: Paper Punches

craft item #1 leaving the craft room are paper punches.

Why I’m Letting Them Go

I have a container full of various paper punches I’ve collected over the years. These tiny punches are great for shaker cards and little accent pieces, but I no longer need them. With my Silhouette machine, I can create any shape or find a file, and cut it out easily.

Craft Item #2: Die Cuts

Craft Item #2: Die Cuts will be leaving the craft room in 2024

Why I’m Letting Them Go

I bought my Silhouette mainly to stop buying die cuts, and I haven’t purchased a new die cut since. The Silhouette allows me to create any die cut I need, saving both money and storage space.

Craft Item #3: Decorative Scissors

Craft Item #3: Decorative Scissors will be leaving the craft room in 2024

Why I’m Letting Them Go

I used to love my fun scissors that cut jagged or scalloped edges, but now I can add these finishes in Silhouette Studio and cut them out perfectly every time. In fact, here is a tutorial to teach you how to make scalloped shapes in Silhouette Studio.

Craft Item #4: Scoreboards

scoreboards will be leaving the craft room in 2024.

Why I’m Letting Them Go

With the Cameo 5, I can score and use the embossing tool to make score lines, so I no longer need physical scoreboards.

 Craft Item #5: Die-Cut Embellishments

die cut embellishments like sticker numbers and letters are leaving the craft room in 2024.

Why I’m Letting Them Go

I used to hoard these embellishments, but with my Silhouette, I can create any sticker, letter, or number I need on demand. Here’s a tutorial on making print and cut stickers.

Bonus Craft Item #1: Stamp Collection

I'm getting rid of my stamp collection in 2024.

Why I’m Letting Them Go

Although I love my stamps, I’m not using them as much because I can easily print and cut sentiments and designs with my Silhouette.

Bonus Craft Item #2: Xyron Sticker Maker

I'm getting rid of my Xyron sticker maker in 2024

Why I’m Letting It Go

I have a small Xyron Sticker Maker that I’ve used maybe once or twice, but now I can make print and cut stickers of any shape and size with my Silhouette.

There you have it—seven items that are leaving my craft room. It makes me a little anxious, especially about my stamps, but I’m excited to make space for new supplies that I will use. What items are you thinking of getting rid of in your crafting space? Let’s make room for more creativity!

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