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Turning Dies into Cut Files in Silhouette Studio

Are you looking for a way to get more use out of your mental dies? This post is for you! When I make cards I usually make them in small batches of 3-5. When I decided to make card kits, I did not want to spend forever running each die cut through my cuttle bug. So, I came up with a faster option and I know you will like this too!


Birch Tree Die Cuts
Deer Trio Die Cuts
Recollections Nostalgia Cardstock pack
Silhouette Cutting Machine

Step 1:

 Make one die cut like normal of desired image(s). I’ll be making these birch trees.

Step 2:

Take a clear photo of your cardstock die cut image. Make sure you lay your cardstock on a contrasting background that will make the die cut stand out. Save the image to your computer.

Step 3:

Click the open tab in Silhouette and navigate to the new photo to open it.

Step 4:

Trace image using trace tool. Adjust settings for as clear a trace as possible and hit trace.

Step 5:

Clean up trace by getting rid of extra marks and anchor points.

Step 6:

Prepare for cutting. At this point you can delete the photo and save your file. You can also duplicate your image to cut multiples at once!

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this video to walk you through the process.

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