Design a Foil Christmas Card in Silhouette Studio from scratch

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Design a Foil Christmas Card in Silhouette Studio

Christmas is coming and what better way to prepare than to start making your Christmas Cards! Follow along as I show you how to design a foil Christmas card from scratch in Silhouette Studio. This is a fantastic beginner card design to make and the foiling will WOW the recipient with all the sparkle and shine.


Cameo 5
Heat Pen 
Mr. Rabbit Font
Recollections Holiday Cardstock Pack
Tape Runner

Step 1: The Christmas Card Base

In Silhouette Studio draw out a rectangle measuring 5.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall. Add a scoreline to the center. This is the Christmas card base.

draw out the card base


Step 2: Design the front of the Christmas Card

The bottom half of the card base will the the front of the card. Here I’m adding a Christmas tree from the flexi shapes. You need Designer’s Edition Plus or Business Edition to have access to these flexi shapes. You can always add a file from your library instead.

Use the dots and slider on the Christmas tree to adjust its shape. When the shape is how you like it, right-click and select convert to path. This changes the flexi shape into an uneditable shape that is ready for cutting.

use flexi shapes to make the christmas tree


Use the text tool to write out “Happy Holidays” to fit under the tree. Weld the letters together. If there are multiple bounding boxes around the letters then right-click and create a compound path. This will keep all the letters “glued” together in 1 bounding box. If you move the words around they will go together and nothing will be left out.

convert the text to a compound path after welding


Select the Christmas tree and the card base and choose subtract. This will remove the Christmas tree shape from the card base.

subtract the tree from the card base to make a cutout


Step 2: Create Card Insert Panels

Draw a rectangle that is slightly smaller than the front of the card (5.25 x 4 inches). This will sit behind the card front to show a different color through the tree cutout.

Make a copy of this rectangle. This will be for the inside of the card where the message will go. Using the same font as the card front, type out a message for the inside of the card and center it onto the rectangle.

make the card inserts


Step 3: Set Up for Foiling

Select the text on the card front and open the heat pen panel. Choose a fill for the text and decrease the spacing to fill the text with lines for the heat pen to follow. Repeat this process for the sentiment on the inside of the card.

using the heat pen panel to add lines throught the text to fill it with foil

Step 4: The Send Panel

With the card base on the mat, select cut by line color. Do the foiling first then the cutting. The text is blue so choose that one and change the action to foil. If this is your first time using the Heat Pen, read this post to get it set up.

foil the christmas card then cut it out


Once the foiling is done, send the card base to cut, and the scoreline to score. Repeat this process for the sentiment layer for the card inside. Then cut the card front layer like normal.

Step 5: Assembling the Foil Christmas Card

Now for the fun part! Adhere the green rectangle behind the front of the card. There should be a small, even border around the edges. Do the same for the inside of the card with the sentiment layer.

put the foil christmas card together


This is a simple and easy card to put together. The foiling took me about 30 minutes total for both pieces, but the results are worth it!

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