Nutcracker Slimline Card

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Nutcracker Slimline Card

The holiday season is probably when I send out the most greeting cards. I try to never send the same card more than once to the same person. This means creating new cards every year. I’d like to introduce you to my Nutcracker Slimline Card, which is one of my new creations for 2023.

This Christmas card is so adorable and I had a blast putting it together. Follow along as I demonstrate just how easy this Nutcracker Slimline Card can be to create.


Nutcracker Card SVG
Red Cardstock
Blue Cardstock
Green Cardstock
Black Cardstock
Yellow Cardstock
Creme Cardstock
Brown Cardstock
White Cardstock
Liquid Glue
Precision Tip Glue Bottle
Cutting Machine

Step 1: Layer the Nutcracker

Layer all the pieces of the nutcracker, blue then red, then brown, then creme, then all the extra details.

layer the nutcracker

Step 2: Assemble the Card Front

Place the nutcracker on the green panel. His feet should land just above the “Happy Holidays.”

assemble the card front

Step 3: Complete the Card

Fold the card base and reinforce the scoreline. Add the front panel to the card base. There will be an even border all the way around. Stamp, write, or do a print and cut, for your message on the inside of the card. Add the white rectangle to the inside of the card and there will be an even border around this as well.

complete the card by adding the panel to the card base

For more information check out the video below.

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