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4 Halloween Wood Projects to Make With Silhouette

If you are big into Halloween decorations, you're going to love today's projects! I'm all about finding ways to use up scraps and these projects fit the bill. Not only can you use vinyl scraps, but I'm using my leftovers from building my fence this summer!

4 Halloween Wood Projects to make with your Silhouette. Photos of the 4 projects.

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Project 1: The Door Hanger

I'm always switching out the sign on my front door. I'm working on making one for every season.


Black Removeable Vinyl

Purple Permanent Vinyl

Transfer Tape

Orange Acrylic Paint

Oval Door Hanger

I used an oval door hanger sign I picked up at Craftwarehouse. I stocked up on these wood signs a few years back. You can easily make a similar design with a circle door hanger.

I painted the wood orange and let it dry overnight. In Silhouette Studio, I drew out an oval the size of my sign. Then I added a spider web design over the top. I made a copy of the oval and then also selected the spider web and hit crop. This made the web match the curve of the oval perfectly. I finished up the design by adding some spiders on either end and "Trick or Treat" to the bottom.

Since the design is so large I had to use my 12x24 inch cutting mat. For the "Trick or Treat" I only had a 12x12 inch sheet of vinyl so I cut the words in 2 parts and added a registration mark to each. When it was time to add it to the sign, I transferred one part of the saying to the other and lined up the registration marks.

I ran out of permanent vinyl so I used removable vinyl for the spider web. I was able to add it to the sign without using any transfer tape. I used my masking tape style transfer tape for my words so it wouldn’t peel up the paint on my sign.

This was a pretty easy door hanger to make and it looks great hanging on my front door.

Halloween Door Hanger with Spider web, 2 spiders and the words trick or treat

Project 2: Halloween Directional Sign

This project was super fun to make. It is my take on those large directional yard signs.


Basswood Sheet

Wood Planks

Black Permanent Vinyl

Transfer Tape

Craft Knife


Hot Glue

White Spray Paint

Directional Sign SVG

I started off by spray painting the wood planks I picked up at Dollar Tree. Then I added the SVG designs that I cut out in black permanent vinyl.

Next, it was time to make the base. I pulled out a sheet of basswood I had laying around. Using the craft knife and a T ruler I cut out a 3x12 inch piece to attach the planks. Then I cut out a 5x2 inch piece to serve as the base. In the base, I cut out a small rectangle the size of the backing piece. I slid the backing into the base and glued it into place. I cut another base rectangle and glued that to the bottom for extra stability.

Using glue I attached the planks to the backing and my sign was ready to stand on its own!

Halloween Directional Sign

Project 3: Halloween Porch Signs

I used scrap fencing boards for this project and I love the way they turned out.


Permanent Vinyl in Black, Pink, Yellow, and White

Transfer Tape

Halloween Faces SVG

Spray Paint in Black, Orange, Purple, and White

Wood Planks / Fencing Boards

Sand Paper

I sanded down the fence boards and painted them in different colors. In Silhouette Studio, I sized the faces to maximize the width of the boards. Then I cut out all the vinyl for the faces also from scraps.

This project was really quick to put together. Even though the faces seem small, they are still visible from the sidewalk.

Front door with 5 Halloween faces- mummy, vampire, cat, pumpkin, and a ghost

Project 4: Halloween Stacked Books

Stacked books are a pretty popular decor to make. I’m starting to see them for every season.


Halloween Books SVG

3- 8 inch sections of 2x4 wood

Black Permanent Vinyl

Transfer Tape

White Spray Paint

Again I used scrap wood. I painted the 2x4 with white paint. The 2x4 I used has lines cut into it since it is weather treated.

After I got the book titles cut on my silhouette cameo, I used transfer tape to place them on the thin edge.

While the cut lines in the boards make it a bit hard to read, I do like the way the books turned out.

Stacked wood books- book of spells, broom flying 101, and a history of witches and warlocks

I’m really in love with all my wooden Halloween decorations.

Check out the video below for more details on how I created these projects.

Happy Halloween!

With Love,

Crafty Christie

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