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How to Download Files From the Silhouette Design Store

Have you ever upgraded your Silhouette Software and lost files you've purchased from the Design Store? I've heard this story over and over which is why I always recommend saving files to your hard drive.

If this has happened to you, I can help you get those files back with a few clicks of the mouse.

Download Files from the Design Store. This image also has a computer screen with the Design Store logo on it.

Step 1: Log Into the Design Store

In your web browser go to The Design Store and log into your account.

Step 2: Look Through Your Order History

Under your account click on Account Settings > Orders. Here you will find every order you've ever made in the design store.

Step 3: Download the Files

Click on the order you want to view. This will bring up all the files and fonts you purchased for that order. Check the box next to the files you want to download and then click the blue box on the right that says "Download Selected."

Step 4: Save to Hard Drive

Make a folder somewhere on your hard drive where you'd like to save all your cut files. Then unzip the files and add them to this folder.

When it is time to use those files in Silhouette Studio all you need to do is click File > Open and navigate to the file on your hard drive.

Check out the video below for more details on this process.

With Love,

Crafty Christie

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