Easily Make Wavy Text In Silhouette Studio

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Easily Make Wavy Text In Silhouette Studio

Are you ready to make your text more interesting? How about making your text follow a curved line? You’re in the right spot! Follow along as I show just how simple it is to make wavy text Silhouette Studio.



Step 1: Make a Wavy Line

On the left side grab the “Draw a Curve Shape” tool under the line tools. Turn the grid lines on to help make a “perfect” curved line.
curved shape tool under line tools
Tap the mouse where you want the line to start. Then go down 1 grid line and over 3 and tap again. Now go up 2 lines and over 3 grid lines and tap again. Continue doing this to make a nice wavy line. To adjust the curve double tap on the lines and adjust the anchor points.
curved line

Step 2: Write Out Your Text

Use the type tool and write out the word or phrase you want to make curved.

Step 3: Add the Text to the Curve

Double-tap on the text to get back to the editing box. Here you will see a white circle with black arrows in the bottom left corner. Click and drag that circle to the line. This will bring the text to the line and take its form.
snapping text to the curve
Drag that circle along the line to change where the text falls across the curve. Use the slider to adjust the height of where the text falls along the line – above the line, on the line, below the line.

Step 4: Convert to Path

When the text is where you like it, right-click your mouse and select convert to path. The text will no longer be editable but it will hold the curvature of the line.
convert the text to the path
You will be able to use that same line again to make more text. Once you have all you need, delete the line.
the text keeps the wave
Check out the video below for the full details.
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