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Elf Rocker Card

The Christmas countdown has begun and it is time to get serious about those Christmas cards! Every year I strive to get mine out the first week of December. But between pulling out the decorations and deciding on which card to make, I'm always late at getting them in the mail.

This year my Elf Rocker Card is a real contender! This card takes about 5 minutes to put together and if you're making them in bulk, it is a great assembly line type of card.

The best part is that most of the pieces can be cut from paper scraps you have laying around.


Elf Rocker Card SVG

Liquid Glue

Tombow Tape Runner (here are the refills)


Red Cardstock

Green Cardstock

Creme Cardstock

Yellow Cardstock

Black Cardstock

White Cardstock

Invitation Envelopes

Step 1: Cut shapes out of colored cardstock ( I like to cut 2 copies of the creme circle for each card)

Step 2: Use provided sentiment as a print and cut on white cardstock (don't forget to turn on registration marks)

Step 3: Apply the red half-circle to the bottom half of the gold circle leaving an even border all the way around

Step 4: Adhere the green collar piece to the back of the cream circle

Step 5: Assemble the elf face and hat, be sure to center the hat over the collar

Step 6: Adhere the collar to the red half-circle, line up the top edges

Check out the video below for more detailed instructions.

Happy Cardmaking!

With Love,

Crafty Christie


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