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How to Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl

Do you struggle with heat transfer vinyl? Layering htv can be difficult because it tends to shrink when it gets hot. I’ve got some tips and tricks to make layering htv simpler.

How to layer heat transfer vinyl, tips and tricks. Yellow sweatshirt with layered football graphic


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Black HTV

Brown HTV

White HTV

Yellow Sweatshirt

Easy Press

Step 1: Cut out your design

Use your Silhouette to cut out the different layers of your design. Remember to mirror your layers so they will read correctly when you apply them to your garment.

Step 2: Weed your design

Weed out the layers of your design and then trim the carrier sheet very close to the edges of the graphic.

Step 3: Layer your design

Any parts of the design that won’t overlap can be applied to the fabric at the same time. I’m adding the name “Warren” and the football shape at the same time. By trimming down the carrier sheet, the pieces should fit together without overlapping.

Trim the carrier sheet around the football and the name so they don't overlap

Step 4: Apply the heat

Between trial and error and Cricut Easy Press recommendations, I was able to come up with the best time and heat settings for my htv. I’m using 320 degrees Fahrenheit for about 7 seconds to lightly tack down my first layer.

applying firm downward pressure with the easy press over the deisgn

Repeatedly applying heat can burn the vinyl, which is why you want to barely stick down the first layer before removing the carrier sheet.

Step 5: Apply the next layer

Now that the first layer is tacked down, it is time to apply the second layer. Use your extra carrier sheet from the first layer to completely cover the entire design before applying heat. Again use a minimal amount of time to stick down the second layer and remove the carrier sheet.

add the white stripes of the football on top of the brown

Continue with this process until all the layers are tacked down.

Step 6: Apply more heat

Once the entire design is tacked to the fabric cover the entire design with a cloth or parchment paper and apply more heat and pressure. At this point, you are making sure everything is fully melted into the fabric and ready for wearing.

Step 7: Wash and wear

Let your garment sit and cool. Wash your fabric inside out and wear it with pride!

Check out the video below for more details on layering heat transfer vinyl.

Happy Crafting!

With Love,

Crafty Christie

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