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how to make a knockout design in silhouette studio

Are you feeling those beach vibes? I can't believe it is already July and I haven't visited the coast yet this year. I guess I'll be adding that to the long list of things the coronavirus has put on hold.

Enough moping, time to get learning! Have you ever heard of a knockout design? I'm sure you have seen them around and may just not have a name for it. A knockout design is when one element is taken out of another element and there is usually a little gap between them. Knockout designs are a classic technique that never seems to go away. There are many different ways to use a knockout feature to make different elements of a design stand out.

In this video, I'll go over not 1, but 2 different ways to make knockout designs. I'll be using a starfish svg and the words beach vibes to make 2 completely different looks.

Silhouette Shortcuts:

Starfish SVG

Silhouette Crafters' Club

With Love,

Crafty Christie

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