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Pumpkin Layered Mandala Napkin holder

Can you believe fall is almost here! I'm totally ready for the cooler weather. Granted the rain can hold off here in Oregon, I'd be happy!

In an effort to get you ready for fall decorations, I've created a 5 layer pumpkin mandala napkin holder. I think it will add that little something extra to the dinner table. A centerpiece that is also functional!

In the video below you will see how I put it all together. I did one side with all the pieces glued down and the other side with foam tape and glue dots. It is amazing the difference a little dimension can make.

Here are some tips I discovered when cutting this project:

The top layer is pretty fragile with all those tiny cutouts. I slowed down my speed and used the overcut on my cameo (settings: 80lb cardstock, speed 2, blade 3, force 30)

I usually cut my score lines with a blade of zero. Since the score marks are on the front and are guides for the backsides, consider setting the blade to 1 or the default settings to make them easier to find.

Please excuse my few technical difficulties, I ran out of storage on my phone while shooting the video so there are a few gaps in the visual process, but I explain it all. I'm confident you'll be successful!

You can purchase this SVG file right from my shop!

Happy Crafting!

With Love,

Crafty Christie

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