Silhouette Go iphone app

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Silhouette Go iPhone App

Do you do everything on your phone, like email and shopping? Well, now you can even craft on your phone using the Silhouette Go iPhone app.
A while back Silhouette had an app where you were able to actually create. I used that on my iPad some and it was fun. This new version of the app doesn’t allow for creating, only cutting.
I tried it out with my Daisy Box Card SVG and though it is doable there are a lot of steps involved.
  1. Load the SVG file into the Silhouette Go app. You can either do this by having the file already in your Silhouette library or in the iCloud.
  2. With the paper crafts, you’ll need to know the correct sizing to make your cards to scale. Rubber band select the entire design and pull to the correct size. With the flower pot card I had to resize to 12×12.
  3. Place only the parts of the design you want to cut on the mat, just like you would do on a PC.
  4. Select your media size and operation. For the flower pot card, I first did the cut lines and then went back and selected the score lines. It wasn’t easy to differinate since everything shows up black and you can only do one operation at a time.
  5. Send to your cutting machine.
While the Silhouette Go app is not ideal for paper crafts, I think it is well suited for simple cut projects like vinyl where you are only doing one operation. I will say it is fun to be able craft from my phone. The other downside is that you can’t create on the app, you can only use designs that are pre-made. Maybe one day they will make the app more robust, but for now, give it a try with your next project.
For a complete walk-through of the app check out the video below.
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