How to make a string art template in Silhouette Studio

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How to Make a String Art Template in Silhouette Studio

Making string art has been on my list of things to try for a few years. I finally decided it was time to make it happen. Follow along as I teach you 2 different ways to make a string art template in Silhouette Studio.


Copy Paper
Permanent Vinyl
Transfer Tape

Step 1: Prepare the Wood

I used scrap wood I had lying around. Ideally, take the time to sand the wood before staining or painting. Let it dry for 24 hours before adding the art.

Step 2: Create the Heart Shape

In Silhouette Studio, create a heart design. If you are using Basic or Designer’s Edition, create a heart by welding a triangle and 2 circles, or upload a heart-shaped file. If you are using Designer’s Plus or Business Edition, use the heart flexi shape to create the heart. Then convert the shape to a path.

use flexi shapes to create a heart


Step 3: Make the String Art Template

The first way to do this is in the rhinestone panel. With the heart selected use the edge effect to place small circles around the outline of the heart shape. Adjust the spacing to its maximum size.

use the rhinestone panel to create the cut outs for the nails


The second way to do this is in the stipple panel. With the heart selected click the stipple edge box and adjust to the maximum spacing. You’ll still want to skip a few of the holes when creating the string art.

use the stipple panel to make the holes for the nails


Step 4: Cut out the String Art Template

Depending on the size of your heart you can print it or cut it out. For printing, ensure there is either a fill color for the holes or give the red lines a point value so they will show up when printed.

My design is too large for printing so I’m cutting my template out on copy paper using my electrostatic mat with my Cameo 5. You definitely want to use thin paper for this so its easy to tear off the nails when you are done.

cut out the string art template from copy paper


Step 5: Place the Nails

Center the template on the wood and tape it in place. Add a nail into the holes to make the heart shape. The trick is to make the nails roughly the same height in the wood. When all the nails are in place, remove the template. Use tweezers to remove any paper stuck around the nails.

place the nails in the string art template


Step 6: String the Outline

Use yarn or embroidery floss to string the design. Tie the string onto a nail then wrap it around the next nail and keep going all the way around the design. I did the inside and the outside of the nails, you only need to do the outside. This forms a defined border around the design.

add string to the outline


Step 7: String the Inside

There are tons of techniques to do this, or to just randomly add string all around, but I like a structured pattern. Tie the string onto a nail and then find another nail that is opposite. Wrap the string around it and then to the nail to the left of your starting nail. Then back up to the nail to the right of the opposite nail. One side of the design will be moving left while the other side will be moving right. If you want to do just one color do this around the entire heart and then tie the string onto the last nail.

If you want to make your design multicolor, decide how many nails will be used for each color and tie off the color when you’re ready to move on. For more ideas on string patterns check out this post.

at string to the fill in the heart shape


Step 8: Add the Text

I decided to add the word love to the bottom of my board. I cut it out of permanent vinyl and used transfer tape to apply it to the wood.

cut the word love out of permanent vinyl


Step 9: Show it Off

That’s it, you have completed your string art project! Now it is time to put it on display. If you want to hang your work, I recommend adding the hangers on the back before putting in the nails.

completed string art template design
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