how to make a tic tac toe bag with silhouette

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How to Make a Tic Tac Toe Bag with Silhouette

If you’re looking for a quick but personalized craft project for Valentine’s Day you found it! Follow along as I show you how to make a tic tac toe bag with Silhouette. I have a FREE SVG file to go along with this project, you can grab it at the end of this post.


Drawstring Bag
Tic Tac Toe SVG (see below)
Red Foil HTV
Black Glitter HTV
Vanilla Cream Font
Heat Press
Cameo 5

Step 1: Upload the free file to Silhouette Studio

Fill out the form below to get the tic tac toe grid and the heart shape in svg format for free. Open Silhouette Studio, navigate to where you saved the file and then open it.

free tic tac toe bag svg cut file design uploaded to silhouette studio


Step 2: Personalize the heart shape design

Personalize your tic tac toe bag by adding a name to the heart shape. Select the heart and the name and subtract. Then make all the pieces of the heart a compound path. This ensures you don’t lose any of the counter (negative space inside a letter).

use compound path to add the counter to the heart design


Step 3: Mirror the designs

Since this will be cut from heat transfer vinyl, mirror the designs. Select both designs click on the replicate panel and then mirror to the left or right. Now you can delete the original design.

mirror the design for cutting from htv


Step 4: Cut out the designs for the tic tac toe bag

Use the cut by fill color so you can adjust the cut settings of both pieces if you are using different types of htv. For the tic tac toe grid, I’m using glitter iron on vinyl. I use a blade depth of 5, force 33, speed 5, and 1 pass with my autoblade. For the heart, I’m using foil htv. I use a blade depth of 3, force 33, speed 5, and 1 pass with my autoblade.

cut by fill color


Step 5: Weed the designs

Before removing the mat from the machine, check that the cut is clean. Then unload the mat. I decided to weed my designs right on the mat. I like to weed out the small inner pieces first so I can easily brush them away before exposing more of the sticky carrier sheet.

weed the design by removing all the parts that are not part of the design.


Step 6: Apply the htv to the bag

While the heat press is warming up use it like an iron to remove wrinkles on the bag. Then use a lint roller to get rid of any debris. I’m using my Easy Press for this project. For the tic tac toe grid, I used 400 degrees for 15 seconds. For the foil, I used 290 degrees for 30 seconds.

Pro Tip: apply the design with the hottest temperature first so you don’t overheat the other htv.

using the easy press to melt the htv into the canvas drawstring bag


Step 7: Add the trinkets to the Tic Tac Toe Bag

I have some heart shaped gems in my stash that I’m using for tic tac toe. Chocolate hearts or candies will work great too.

heart shaped gems for tic tac toe bag game.

All in all a bag that doubles as a game is a great gift for any season. Keep them in the car for road trips, take them to the restaurant for so entertainment while waiting for the food to arrive, or put them in the kiddos’ lunch boxes for a fun recess game.

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