3D Paper Pumpkin Decoration

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3D Paper Pumpkin Decoration

Fall is in full bloom and what better way to celebrate than with 3D paper pumpkin decorations? Follow along as I show you how to transform flat sheets of paper into charming three-dimensional pumpkin masterpieces.


Paper Pumpkin SVG
Orange Cardstock
Brown Cardstock
Green Cardstock
Liquid Glue
Fine Tip Glue Bottle
Cutting Machine


Putting this 3d paper pumpkin decoration together is super easy and takes about 15 minutes. The hardest part is waiting for the glue to dry.

Step 1: Make the Stem of the paper pumpkin

Take the brown strip of cardstock and train it to curl. Then roll it up tightly using a quilling pen or just your hands. Test to ensure the stem is tight enough to fit in the hole in the orange strips. Seal the flap closed.

make the stem of the 3d paper pumpkin decoration

Step 2: Make the Pumpkin Shape

Feed all the orange strips over the stem. Use the brown circle as the base of the pumpkin. The bottom 4 orange strips adhere to the top of the brown circle.

use the bottom 4 strips to adhere to the top of the brown circle

The top 4 orange strips adhere to the top of the brown circle completing the pumpkin shape.

The top 4 orange strips adhere to the top of the brown circle completing the pumpkin shape.

Step 3: Add the Greenery to the paper pumpkin

Add the vine and leaf to the stem. Train the vine to curl by wrapping it around a marker.

add the vine and leaf

Step 4: Show it Off

Your 3D paper pumpkin decoration is ready to be put on display! These look great on the dining table, the mantel, or the window seal.

3d paper pumpkin decoration
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