Popcorn Box Print and Cut Project- Learn to make a popcorn box by adding the stripes to an ordinary box in Silhouette Studio.

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Popcorn Box Print and Cut Project

When is the last time you pulled out some popcorn to make a tasty treat? I’ll admit I’m not a lover of popcorn, but sometimes it just hits the mark. While chomping on the buttery goodness, I started thinking back to all the sleepovers I had in grade school and high school. There was always popcorn involved and usually a chick flick on the television. We were always passing the bowl of popcorn back and forth so all of us girls could grab another heaping handful. Heaven forbid, you ran out of kernels before the bowl came back to you!
This got me thinking, why didn’t we ever split up the popcorn into individual servings? Apparently, all those dirty hands in the bowl were part of the experience.
Needless to say, COVID has changed a lot of our behaviors, some I think will be permanent changes, like sharing food and drinks. This doesn’t mean the sleepover popcorn has to end! We just might stop passing the same bowl around and opt for individual containers instead. So, the next time you’re ready to pop some kernels, make yourself some popcorn boxes as well.
So I’m using my cut file and I’m going to turn it into a red and white box, perfect for cozying up on the couch with your favorite snack. I won’t lie, this project takes a bit of work and might not be suitable for beginners to Silhouette Studio. If that is the case, you can easily add digital paper to the design to make your own custom printable popcorn box. 
Check out the video below for all the details
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