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Top 5 Father's Day Silhouette Crafts

While it may be impossible to shop for Dad or your husband for that matter, there are some awesome gifts you can make.

Here are my top 5 DIY Father's Day Gifts you can make using your Silhouette cutting machine. I'm sure you'll hit it out of the park with these gems. Don't forget to download the FREE SVG files that go along with each project.

Top 5 Father's Day Silhouette Crafts by Crafty Christie's Creations

1. Etched Beer Mug

Tall glass mug full of beer with the words "dad fuel" etched into the glass.

Grab your Dad Fuel SVG for FREE!

Glass etching is really fun and easy to do. Make a stencil of the SVG you want to use and then place the etching cream inside the open areas. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it off and clean the glass thoroughly. Check out this post for the full details on etching glass.

2. Homemade Shirt

man wearing a white shirt that reads "Dad" the word repeats over and over up and down the shirt. The top half of the word dad goes up 3 times and bottom half of the word goes down 3 times.

Grab your Stacked Dad SVG for FREE!

The hardest part about putting HTV on a shirt is knowing how large to make the design. Check out this post with tips on placement.

3. Man Cave Sign

Wood framed canvas sign that reads "welcome to the man cave" there are 2 beer bottles clinking together on the left side of "man cave" and a football on the right side.

Grab your FREE Man Cave SVG!

What man doesn't want a space he can call all his own. You know the place in the house or garage that women dare not enter. This is where all the "manly" things happen like drinking the beer, watching the game, and letting those farts fly freely. Check out this post where I made a painted wood sign from Dollar Tree items.

4. Custom Grilling Items

Grill tongs sitting over the grill that reads "grill master" with a charcoal grill with flames.

Grab your Grill Master SVG for FREE!

Summer is here which means spending time around the grill. What better way to celebrate dad than with some custom grill items. Again I would etch this design or use permanent vinyl on the handle farthest away from food items. Check out this video for tips on using permanent vinyl.

5. Painted Rocks

Heart shaped rock with a "worlds greatest dad" mongram on the it.

Grab your Free World's Greatest Dad Monogram here!

Painted stones make great paperweights to display on the desk, but they can also be fun trinkets for geocaching. This gift can be multifunctional if you turn it into a geocaching date. Find a stone in the yard, clean it up, and use an SVG stencil to paint it. Check out this post where I walk you through making painted rocks.

I hope these 5 gift ideas get you firing up your cutting machine and creating!

Happy Crafting.

With Love,

Crafty Christie

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